Go to the Jim Crow museum web site.
Scroll through the horizontal images and click on Anti- Black Imagery.
Then choose Racist Cartoons.
View several cartoon video clips of your choice and click on the still images as well.
Summarize what you have seen and give your thoughts about the content.

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Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia

In this paper, I will analyze negative stereotypes about African Americans, first as symbolized by the use of the N-word, and then as mass produced in the various forms of racist caricature from the “pickaninnie” to “Aunt Jemima.” The most derogatory word to symbolize racism against Blacks is the N-word. The word encompasses in a singular utterance all negative stereotypes about Blacks. What the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia attempts to do is to show how derogatory slurs against people of color is packaged and produced through various forms of commercial marketing. The museum, through its vast collection of 50,000 racist artifacts, lays out the systemic racism that is embedded in America’s racial history....

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