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Discuss why the "melting pot" model of assimilation was the model embraced by immigrants arriving in America from the dawn of the nation through the mid-20th century. Consider the reasons why the early immigrants came to America and why they embraced America's culture and values with such zeal and enthusiasm.

Then, compare and contrast the experience of the immigrants during this period in American history with the experience of recent immigrants (particularly Mexican and Central American immigrants) who have had a very different experience while embracing the "salad bowl" model of assimilation.

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The melting pot mode of assimilation rests on the fact that people with different cultural backgrounds arrived in the US and mixed together with the natives as one harmonious unit. It is all about social assimilation irrespective of racial, religious, color and cultural differences with the mother countries.
People entered America for different reasons. For instance, due to the preconceived high level of education in the US, many people decided to immigrate. After the arrival, they decided to find jobs in America. The two reasons are inextricably intertwined...

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