Two question about two paragraph each.

1.Which focuses on the work of Judith Butler. In your discussion, start with how the body becomes inscribed with heterosexuality. Second, discuss her concept of performity and how it creates the reality in which we live. Finally discuss Butler's concept of "the haunting" and how it relates to queer theory.

2.Discuss Jean-Francois Lyotard’s critique of knowledge, focusing on his comparison of knowledge and narrative forms with science. Why does Lyotard compare the pursuit of science to terrorism – in your (educated) opinion, is this an appropriate comparison?

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Butler, in majority of her work, tries to posit majority of human behaviors as defined by the societal normative order. She posits that people are made who they are by the definitions that the society has coined. The gender roles and expectations are created by prescription and proscription by others. This means that because the largest population in the world believes that heterosexual is a natural thing, people are made to subscribe to behaviors that are in line with it. In her book, Gender Trouble (1990), For instance, she finds fault in how people assume that women have the same characteristics. For the purpose of reproduction and preservation of a certain society, people are forced to have heterosexual setting in form of marriage (Butler, 1988:524)
In her work...

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