Critically analyze the historical provisions made to curtail a specific type (one type) of child abuse or neglect of your choosing (i.e: verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc). What were the mistakes or successes? Are the provisions and services in place today sufficient? Why or why not? Offer specific examples from an outside source/reference. At least 1 scholarly reference.

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Child abuse is not a new phenomenon in America and the whole world. It dates back to several decades. It is wise to infer that the only way that scholars were able to capture it is from the time that documentation started. There are three distinctive eras that have been documented. Firstly, there is the pre-organized child protection era. This is the period before 1875. Secondly, there is the era between 1875 -1962. This era is characterized by vigorous actions by NGOs. Finally, the era running...

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