1.List 15 ways sexism negatively impact:
2.List 5 biological distinction for Men and Women
3.List 5 behavioral gender distinctions
Masculine behaviors
Feminine behaviors
4.List 5 fashion gender distinctions
Masculine fashion
Feminine fashion
5.List 15 examples of racism
6.List 10 ways to prevent racism
7.List 15 example of homophobia
8.List 10 ways to prevent homophobia

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1. a) Sexism causes men to:
i. Be predisposed to subjecting women to physical violence.
ii. Be hostile towards other men.
iii. Have poor anger management.
iv. Suffer from superiority complexes.
v. Show signs of social disengagement.
vi. Lose self-esteem.
vii. Indulge in alcoholism.
viii. Be poor parents if it comes from parents or significant others...

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