This unit's readings make clear that identifying the epidemiology and theorizations regarding causes of child abuse and neglect is paramount to the development of effective preventative and supportive programs in the human services field. For this discussion:
•Thoroughly describe two theories pertaining to the etiology of child abuse and neglect and their assumptions.
•Explain how a human services organization can apply these theories in the development of a child abuse and neglect prevention program.

For the 2 theories mentioned above, they are: Family systems theory and the ecological paradigm (theory).

Use at least two scholarly references to support your claims. These references should be current.

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This text will analyze two theories that could be critical in managing causes and effects of child abuse and neglect. The family system theory is an important cog in understanding the dynamics that can cause a child that hails from a family fail from developing to a whole individual. The ecological paradigm is also important in assessing how the social environment can affect psychological growth and development of a child. Neglect will not necessarily be used to mean lack of financial providence but the social provisions that make a child...

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