Consider the following situation:

You are a human services professional who provides services to abusive families. You specialize in one type of child maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, or neglect). The executive director at your agency would like to review and revise the services offered to foster children who have been abused (choose one specific form of maltreatment). In addition, the executive director has asked you develop a one-page handout or information sheet based on your findings to distribute to the board members.

Synthesize your findings on the type of child maltreatment you chose. Prepare a handout, outlining the etiology and ramifications of this type of child maltreatment as well as your recommendations for improvement of services. This document will be an attachment to your discussion post (see below).

Write a brief summary of the handout that you imagine presenting to the board of directors. Use 2 scholarly references in this discussion (APA sixth edition format).

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As a part of my job, I took time to record the statistics of the sex abuse that was reported to us. The abuses have several aspects as recorded below.
• Out of the total population of 3,452of the foster children that we dealt with in 2013 we observed the following:
i. 21.7% were abused within the first year of birth. 48.7% were boys while 50.9 were girls. We could not ascertain the gender of the rest due to the complications of the injuries sustained during abuse. Some had to undergo gender changes and that is why we chose not to document them for privacy in future...

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