Carefully analyze the Internet article on obesity and refer to at least 1 Internet resource you can find on the relationship of abuse to obesity. For this discussion, thoroughly discuss the signs, symptoms, and ramifications of abuse and neglect presented in the article and in the Internet resources. Provide the hyperlink to the information you found in your search within your discussion post.

Consider the following questions in your response:

•What is the correlation between child maltreatment and obesity?
•What can we do as human services practitioners to address this problem?
•Is enough being done to address this issue? Why or why not?

Article: Szalavitz, M. (2010). How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Adult Obesity.

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Doctors in the whole world had, for a long time, offered solutions to obese adults without seeking the root cause of their problem. Patients kept on returning after their conditions remained the same or worsened. This aroused doctor’s interests and spurred research on what caused obesity in children especially when they approached teenage. After several research activities, they sought the correlation between obesity and child abuse. The findings always pointed that there was a cause/effect relationship that could no longer be assumed in treating obese patients...

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