“Debunking Immigration Myths”

For this assignment, you will be tasked with writing a persuasive essay in which you debunk three common myths or misconceptions about Latino immigration. For the purposes of this assignment, a myth is “a widely held (or commonly-cited) belief or idea that is false.” A myth could be 100% false – with no factual basis. Alternatively, a myth can be generated when facts are misinterpreted or misrepresented. Myths can also be based in opinions or experiences that do not reflect factual reality. A myth may also have multiple parts; some parts may be true, while others are false. To complete this assignment, you will choose three myths about Latina/o immigration. Which myths you choose to write about are up to you – but each myth you choose must address a different UNIT of course material (there are 4 units in the course). Your myth may overlap multiple units. The myths you choose should be somewhat commonly-known. Whatever myths you choose, be sure to pick things that have enough substance to them so that you can write three to four pages about each. Please note: This assignment does not include any outside research. You must choose myths that can be debunked using only the materials we have used in class. Then, using only our course materials (which may include readings and/or in-class materials), you will “debunk,” or “expose the falseness of,” each myth. You may do this by providing statistical, historical, ethnographic, or other empirical evidence drawn from your course materials that refutes the notion expressed by the myth. Is it 100% false? Partly true? Another helpful way to debunk immigration myths is to illuminate the origin of the myth. Where did it come from? How did it get created, and for what purpose? How does the myth get perpetuated, and why? Does the myth have a grain of truth to it, or is it utterly baseless? Was it generated by a willful or accidental misrepresentation of the facts? You must use at least six academic sources (articles, books, book chapters, etc.) from the course materials (two per myth).

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Debunking immigration myths
What is your myth? What is your argument about your myth?
This submission has selected the myth of the “Cuban success story.” My argument is that, even though the myth has some grains of truth to it, it does not reflect the reality because it tends to overlook the struggles of the Cubans with poverty, income, workplace issues, and between the 1980s and 1990s....

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