Write on Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education”
Thesis-driven, persuasive paper. Use text-based evidence (quotes, paraphrase, and summary) from the article and personal experience as evidence (as a high school student). You must use text-based evidence at least three times. 4-5 pages.

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The interaction between students and their teachers is not only multifaceted but also characterized by a myriad of elements. Experts often focus on how well a teacher delivers the teaching content to the student and how well the student understands or retains the knowledge. They do not consider the role played by students in understanding such content. Paulo Freire’s article on the banking concept of education makes a strong case against the banking nature of education. The article notes that education is a critical component of any individual development, which depends on the teaching approach. Such teaching approach, in most cases, significantly determines how well a learner grasps education and how useful such education is in career development. The banking concept sees teachers as being knowledgeable and students somewhat vessels that require the imparting of knowledge. This essay attempts to illustrate that such a viewpoint is often linked to ineffective learning.
The aspect of narration under the banking concept of education undermines the transformation students undergo throughout an education program. It places more effort in storing what the students have been entrusted by their teachers. Thus, such an approach denies students chances to develop a critical consciousness in them, which would be a product of their progress...

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