1. No cover page / No work cited page / 12 Font / Times Roman
2. ANSWER QUESTIONS #1 & 2 (200 WORDS) per question.

READ ARTICLE “How Has Technology Changed Community? Pages 283-289
According to the article, older and younger generations view the internet’s interconnectedness very differently. How has this divide manifested itself in your own relationships with people who older than you? (page 283 – 288)
Look into the “OK Boomer” meme phenomenon: and the generational tension between boomers, millenials, and generation Z.   
What do you think this tension is about?
Is it disrespectful to elders?
What is the resentment towards the baby boomer generation about from younger generations?
Also find an "OK Boomer" related meme online and write a few words of explaining what you think of it.

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Question 1: As a 23 years old person, the Internet interconnectedness has manifested in my life entirely differently from the case of people above my age. Primarily, I am now more connected to people. I now have a chance to reach people that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to. For example, facilitated by the Internet, some of the celebrities in society, such as Drake, are part of my social network. Apart from this, the Internet...

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