Write a paper on Anti-Semitism and National Socialism: Notes on the German Reaction" must include:

(1) Identify the problem the author is addressing;
(2) The position against which the author(s) is/are arguing;
(3) The author(s) solution to the problem
(4) You must articulate your personal opinion as to why the problem touches upon issues that are important to us.

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“Anti-Semitism and National Socialism: Notes on the German Reaction” Review

In the article; “Anti-Semitism and National Socialism: Notes on the German Reaction to “”, Moishe Postone explores the relationship between Anti-Semitism and National Socialism by reviewing how Germany reacted to the Holocaust. Postone promptly presents the problem by declaring. “In other words, what happened to the Jews has been instrumentalized and transformed into an ideology of legitimation for the present system. This instrumentalization was only possible because Anti-Semitism has been treated primarily as a form of prejudice, as a scapegoat ideology, a view that has obscured the intrinsic relationship between Anti-Semitism and other aspects of National Socialism” (1980, Pg. 98). Postone explains how the holocaust has been treated as a case of racism and prejudice rather than focusing on the complicated relationship between Anti-Semitism and National Socialism. He believes that Germany used racism and prejudice to justify the holocaust without a focus on the role of National Socialism and capitalism. They considered Jews to be capitalists, which in German social views was a threat to Nazism. Postone clarifies that the extermination of Jews can only be understood by considering the role of capitalism. Postone attempts to illustrate how capitalism made Jews a target group...

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