Find a historical event that intersects with the main points of racism, Intersectionality and the matrix of domination. An historical event that intersects with something throughout history where people of color experience racism and a threat to their identity through the matrix of domination will suffice (i.e.. Kimberly Crenshaw, talks about black feminism or the Civil rights movement, MLK the inclusion/exclusion of women in the fight for black power)

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Exclusion of Women in the Fight For Black Power

For this submission, the selected event is the exclusion of women in the fight for black power. According to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (2020), the Black Power was a revolutionary movement that persisted between the 1960s and the 1970s. Fundamentally, the movement emphasized economic empowerment, racial pride, and the creation of cultural and political institutions. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (2020) purports that during the decade, the demand for courses on black history, the spread of raw artistic expressions that displayed the realities of the African American, and a greater embrace of the African culture was on the rise. Martin Luther King was a significant champion of the movement, given that he labeled black power as a call to the African Americans to amass economic and political strength to secure their legitimate goals. He also emphasized the need for the movement stating that it was the key to alleviating the unequal distribution of power in America. One negative attribute of the Black Power, however, was that it excluded women, but things changed after the intervention of influential people such as Ashley Farmer. Using the case of the exclusion of women in the fight for black power, this paper seeks to examine the process of domination, the formation of identity, and efforts to challenge marginalization.

The process of a matrix of domination
The process of matrix of domination refers to the...

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