Compose sociology paper on the topic of gender inequality.

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77¢ to the $1: Gender Inequality in Modern American Society
Throughout the history of the United States, gender inequality has been a highly contested topic. From the overt and, at times, violent sexism of the early colonial times to the fight for women’s rights symbolized by the Suffrage Movement, American women have been struggling for equal treatment for centuries. Although many may assume that full gender equality has already been reached in the United States, the empirical findings that we analyzed in the second half of this quarter have proven otherwise.
Women as a group face rampant, albeit subtle, discrimination in various aspects and men subsequently face certain privileges. While individual women may not feel as though they are personally being discriminated against due to their gender, the broader population of women faces this prejudice on a group level. These prejudices are often the result of centuries of discriminatory behavior stemming from false beliefs of the superiority of men and their ownership of women. As time has progressed, these beliefs have been challenged but, unfortunately, gender discrimination in schools, workplaces and the media still exist to this day. In this paper, I will analyze the ways by which both members of certain genders and gender identities face inequality in modern American society....

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