In this assignment, you will practice finding and evaluating a website through Google. Then you will answer the questions below to evaluate the website based on these 5 criteria: Authority, Accuracy, Currency, Relevance, and Objectivity.

1. Choose a topic you would like to explore today.
Write your topic here: (NOTE: this can be, but doesn't have to be, something you're thinking about exploring for your FAQ assignment. This can be a good chance to see whether this is something you want to commit to writing about)
2. Open a new tab in your browser and go to com (Links to an external site.). In the Google search box, enter some words or phrases related to your topic. Then choose a website from the results that might be useful for your topic. (NOTE: DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA for this assignment.) Click on the website and provide this information:
Title of the website:
Web address (or URL):
3. Authority: Authority means that you trust whoever created the website and is responsible for its information, as well as their expertise (how they know about the subject). For example, health organizations usually have an About Us section that lists individuals on their board who are medical doctors or professionals.
Does your website have authority? Yes_____         No_____
How do you know? Where does it say who owns the website or is responsible for it?
4. Accuracy: A good website will tell its reader where it got its information so the reader can trust that it is correct. For example, if it has facts, it will indicate where the facts came from and/or link to its sources.
Does the site link to its sources or tell you where it got its information? Yes__ No __
If your answer is Yes, give the name of one source that is cited:
5. Currency: Sometimes a website is very old and has not been updated with current information. Websites usually have a date at the very bottom of the home page indicating a copyright year of the last time it was updated. News website articles should have a day, month, and year next to the title of the article.
Is this information current or is it too old to consider for your research? How do you know?
6. Relevance: Is this website relevant? Do you think it would be useful for a research project on your topic? Why or why not?
7. Objectivity: All websites have a purpose, such as: to sell a product, to give news or information, or to persuade you to do something. It’s important to analyze whether your website is objective and represents various points of view. Otherwise, it may be biased—trying to make you think a certain way.

Do you think the website is objective or biased? How do you know?

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