Anthony Harrison
1. Would a computer download of a brain the same be the same as consciousness? Would a brain upload really be like living forever?

Well I don't think anything and everything is forever but our perspective of living may be effected along with our concepts on existing. Transforming to a computerized social world may result in ratings and points on the status of you as a person. You will be rated by the way a person eat, sleep, and move.

Jennifer Banales
Q1. Would a computer download of a brain the same be the same as consciousness? Would a brain upload really be like living forever?

After watching the video, Personally I think if we ever are able to download a human brain and their consciousness in a computer, it wouldn’t be the same. We were created to have a lifespan of at least 100 years. Not many people reach the limit, but
some people do. Why would someone want to live forever? It’s ridiculous how some people wish to have immortality. No, I dont think it’s considered living forever even if a brain is successfully uploaded into a computer and later on transferred into a robot. It wouldn’t be considered as living forever, because technology can get damaged or malfunction easily. For example, if we were to touch water or if we get accidentally electrified BAM we’re dead. The possibilities are endless on how it can go downhill in a matter of seconds. Another thing, think how we wouldn’t be able to express how we are truly feeling like our facial expressions or if we wanted to hug someone it wouldn’t have that warmth from when we were alive. Not to mention, the way we will talk wouldn’t be the same as well. Take sofia the robot for instance, just the way she speaks sounds horrible and the way she looks is just plain terrifying.

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How are we close to downloading the human brain?

I do not believe that a computer download of a brain would be the same as consciousness because a computer and the human brain are two different things. The computer is not alive or...

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