Find an example of a social change strategy that is being used by people in your group to address the particular problems they face in society, and describe it in detail (include information on the who, what, when, where and why). Think about what you have discussed in earlier papers and in the class overall. Do you think this strategy addresses the key reasons for why this group is experiencing inequality? If yes, please explain. If not, discuss what should be changed.

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Like in any other masculine society, gay men in modern American society are expected to behave and act like any other men with the tendency and characteristics that portray masculinity and not femininity. They are expected to be aggressive, strong, and tough and not anything like modest, tender or nurturing as for the case with femininity (Sánchez et al., 2009). While most gay men, especially those taking the roles of women in relationships try to be as feminine as possible to their male husbands, the society is yet to recognize that role thus making it hard for them to lead healthy romantic lives and at the same meet the expectation...

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