In Chapter 3 (pp. 75-77) Ross was assigned to a selection committee tasked to review the applications of 33 candidates for an opening in the Human Resources department and pick the most qualified. Ross, with some reluctance (because he was new to the firm) offered a stepped (multiple hurdle) approach to the selection process.
Step 1: List job duties and responsibilities and review dossiers for job fit
Step 2: Rank order candidates in terms of background and skills
Step 3: Structures phone interviews
Step 4: In-person interviews
Step 5: Work sample
If you were in Ross's position, what would you have done? Comment on each step and explain why you either (a) would have done what Ross did, or (b) do something different from what Ross suggested.

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I agree with Ross that the first step towards selecting the right candidate is listing the job duties and responsibilities and then reviewing the dossiers or job fit. This step is crucial as it will make the selection process more targeted. As such, by listing the job duties and responsibilities, the panel will have the opportunity to select only those candidates among the 30 applicants that have the capacity and competence to meet the demands of the stated job. The suggestion by one of the panelists to interview all the 30 applicants is not plausible since the team will waste a lot of resources, including time and energy, on assessing candidates who should not have even been selected for evaluation. Similarly, having the candidates write an essay on the reason the panelist should select them is not an appropriate plan of action as the recruiters might...

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