Read about the Cutthroat Jobs at Amazon and answer the following Questions:
1. Do you agree, disagree, or have mixed feelings with some or all of these points? Why? Explain.
2. Do you use Amazon? (Yes but always feel queasy about it--except some of my favorite shows are Amazon Prime...). Do its advantages outweigh its disadvantages? Looking especially at the tik tok video about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wealth of 122 billion dollars, and knowing that the company paid no taxes last year ...
3. Write your own question you'd ask Amazon.

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1. I agree with most of these points because Amazon may seem like a successful company, but does not provide an all-round value for its customers and employees. Amazon has demonstrated that it is willing to pay higher prices to drive out competitors rather than seeking fair competition strategies. For instance, they paid 5 times the price to stream the NFL games than Twitter (Fickenscher, 2017). Most employees often benefit from retail supply chains that Amazon is seeking to eliminate and dominate. Amazon is also conducting increased research in automated...

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