Watch a video: Inside REAL Qantas 747 flight simulator HD
1. Based on the video, comment on the advantages of using a simulator to select and train pilots.
Safety Training
Problem Assessment
Emergency Practice
Cost Savings
2. Design a driving simulator to select and train delivery truck drivers (e.g., what tasks or exercises would be used, how would realism be achieved, how much exposure to problems or emergencies would be required?).

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Innovation and technology has led to the establishment of new methods to aid operators who execute complex jobs. One of these methods is simulation. Simulators are applied in spheres where operators need to operate intricate systems such as in aviation, system evaluation, healthcare, and in manufacturing (Drews and Bakdash, 2015). Most simulators are designed such that they mirror the system while others are designed to feature only the important physiognomies of the actual system. Regardless of how a simulator is designed or how complex it is, it gives the user an experience that is just about identical to the actual system. A number of advantages can be associated with the use of simulator to select and train pilots.   
Realism is a very common characteristic of simulators. It refers to the extent to which real experiences come across in the simulators, as well as sustaining the functional...

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