Discussion: CRISPR, the Video, and Research
In reference to the CRISPR video about Big breakthrough in editing your genes.
Respond to the questions:
What do you think of the ethical implications of human organs being harvested in "chimeras" (pigs genetically engineered to hold human organs)?
Do the benefits (for example, getting a functioning pancreas to a Type I Diabetic child) outweigh the potential moral questions?   
Do you worry about the pig somehow having a human-like brain, but being stuck in a pig body?
What does this speak to about animal rights?
Then pose a question on your own to this topic.

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Question 1
I was unfamiliar with the concept of CRISPR, but the author provides a meaningful explanation of the concept. According to Park, (2016), the concept of CRISPR has been there from ancient times but was not discovered by humans. Park claims that bacteria could easily alter the genes of viruses by removing certain fragments. The same case applies to bacteria used in making yogurt since it altered the taste, making it sour using the same concept as CRISPR. The second term I was unfamiliar...

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