Gender typing is defined as the way in which people acquire gender appropriate preferences, skills, personality attributes, behaviors, and self-concepts. Data have shown that gender-typing can begin at a very young age, even in infancy. What effect does gender typing during early childhood have on attitude towards gender later in life? Please provide research to answer the following questions:

1. When parents or caregivers direct children away from toys that are associated with the opposite gender, what message is being sent?

2. If there is a message, do children take this message with them into teen years and adulthood?

3. Does gender typing result in gender discrimination and negative attitudes toward the opposite sex? Or towards homosexuality?

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Gender is a socially constructed institution that asserts biological sex correlates to prescribed behaviors in society. The current gender system is a binary system by which only two legitimate interpretations- male and female- are acceptable and all other forms are illegitimate and perversions. This binary system asserts that genital presentation, chromosomal orientation, and hormones are the summation of a persons behavior as a man or woman. Furthermore, this system favors a heterosexist outlook on the world and excludes the idea that there are people who have ambiguous genitalia, chromosomes that present as XXY, or people who are gender dysmorphic- that is a person who feels their biological sex and prescribed gender do not match up with their identity as a person. Gender typing is the cultural system by which people are taught gender, gender norms, and gender expectations. This happens immediately, as soon as one is born, and it is assumed that everyone will prescribe to these norms....

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