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Journal #5 Dave Ramsey is a well known finance guru who has a radio program that discusses management of personal finance and wealth. While there are a lot of people who follow him and his teachings, there are a lot of people who oppose his teachings. Review the video entitled "How to Pay for College (The RIGHT Way)" and discuss the following in a post: 1) Does his outline of paying for college seem doable to you? 2) What are the pros to his suggestions about paying for college? 3) What are the cons to his suggestions about paying for college? 4) Would you employ this message? Why or why not? 5) After you make your monthly budget, how does it make you feel? Do you feel empowered or trapped? Why? FUNDS RECEIVED 1st OF MONTH CHECK AMOUNT Social Security $623.90 TOTAL $623.90 Stephon Dodd Monthly Budget May 2020 Obligations Account # Phone Amount Due Date Status Bank of America 947-574-85 888-387-1692 $ 300 00 1st Paid Transportation Bus Pass) Tri Delta 888-333-1360 $ 7.00 3rd Paid Entertainment Movies DinnerhAIR Cut Misc. 800-404-0254 $ 80.00 5th Paid Discover (Blue) Credit Card 57-363-53 800-664-3051 $ 65.00 &th Paid Pacific Gas & Electric (Utilities) 259-3994 877-860-6020 $ 85.00 10th Paid American Express 230-37-681 877-825-3242 $ 56.00 11th Paid Monthly Amt Spent $ 623.00

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Journal #5
I firmly trust that the outline that Dave Ramsey provides in the video resource is doable. Certainly, a person can seek a job and fund his or her tuition with the earnings (Ramsey, 2019). This option is sufficient to facilitate the entire four-year university course. Essentially, the amount a person will likely earn will surpass the level of tuition fees. Thus, a student can finance the course taken and, at the same time, save....
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