3) After class, George, Melissa, and Robert discussed the importance of recent technological changes to our society and especially of the rise of social networking and facebook. George argued that Marx’s analysis of alienation and exploitation explains why so many people today use facebook. Melissa countered that facebook is an expression of anomie and also contributes to the deepening of this condition. Robert disagreed with both. Facebook, he explained, is nothing but another phase in the rationalization and disenchantment of the world. Explain their positions. Who, in your opinion, is correct?

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In today’s society, there are many changes that affect us as a people. An important facet of our society is the growing use of technology, particularly social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.). Day by day, students, teachers, and job professionals are using social networking sites to connect with one another and the world. The prolonged use of social networking can either be positive or negative. Throughout this essay, I want to use key sociological concepts in order to decide which person is correct, George, Melissa, or Robert.
In this scenario, there are three people who are in conversation: George, Melissa, and Robert. They are discussing the importance of recent technological changes to our society, specifically the rise of social networking sites (i.e. Facebook). Not only they are talking about the influence of Facebook, but they are also applying essential sociological concepts to their conversation. The first person in this discussion is George. He uses the argument that Karl Marx’s analysis of alienation and exploitation explains the reason why so many people use Facebook today. At this time, let me define Marx’s analysis of alienation. Alienation, as stated in class notes, “is the process in which something of our own creation confronts us as an external coercive entity”. From this definition, is it safe to say that Facebook confronts us on a daily basis? Do we really allow ourselves to become consumed in such a world that is very...

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