Choose a theoretical lens (Conflict or Functionalist) – You need to debate why systems of stratification and social mobility are either based on social function, or social conflict Why do you think that these two concepts are the side you are debating, over the other?

* What evidence in the article supports your argument? Why is it an example of the point you are making?
* What evidence in your own personal experiences supports your argument? Why are they significant?
* How can the concept of symbolic interactionism further add to your debate and strengthen your argument?
* Finally reflect. Regardless of the side you chose, take 2-3 sentences to give your personal opinion. Do these concepts display one lens more than the other? It is a combination of both? Why?

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I will debate that systems of social stratification and social mobility are based on social conflict. It is clear that the social stratification in US and competition lined with it, is privileging the rich, who have the power and resources to use the benefits of the system that is unfair to everyone bellow them and which works to the advantage of the already rich and successful. The ones who lack the privileges, political and economic power have little or no opportunities to climb up the ladder and move beyond their position in society. The social stratification is therefore at least useless if not completely dysfunctional and harmful to the American society. The evidence given in the article about a study in social mobility also affirms my claims, because though geography matters, the study also stated that: “Geography mattered much less for well-off children than for middle-class and poor children, according to the results. In an economic echo of Tolstoy’s line about happy families being alike, the chances that affluent children grow up to be affluent are broadly similar across metropolitan areas.”...
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