1) Your paper should be three (3) pages 12 point 1 inch margins double spaced.
2) This is a 90-minute documentary that is divided into nine (9) chapters. Watch the entire 90 minute video and make notes on each chapter about your reactions to what is presented. However, I would recommend that you watch it by chapters, either one at a time or a few at a time, and write a response to each chapter.
To assist you I have written the chapters and their approximate length below
1) Distracted by Everything (8 min)
2) What's It Doing to Their Brains? (8 min)
3) South Korea Gaming Craze (10 min)
4) Teaching with Technology (8 min)
5) The Dumbest Generation? (7 min)
6) Relationships (10 min)
7) Virtual Worlds (10 min)
8) Can Birtual Experiences Change Us? (13 min)
9) Where Are We Headed? (12 min)
Your paper should conclude with a paragraph analyzing what you think the future may look like with regard to technology. What will life be like for your children and grandchildren based on what you learned from this video. Do you feel positively or negatively about technology and the future? Finally, tell me what you think of my technology policy.

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The first chapter discusses the impact of modern technology on studies, students and professors and the environment where everything has to happen online. The chapter begins with questions on how has the world changed with technology and how has the communication in general changed with online communication. Further on, MIT students are given as an example on how technology distracts students from their studies. On MIT like on other universities, students are allowed to use their laptops during lectures, as students think that they are excellent at multitasking. Their professors disagree and see students as incapable of multitasking. Also professors say that now they have to give more stimulating lectures because most of the students get easily distracted by the devices they use.
A research on a group of multitaskers was conducted with an aim to evaluate the effect of multitasking on brain activity. The group consisted of people who were multitasking a large period of their day. The premise was drawn from classical psychology that states that multitasking is impossible yet most of the people in the group were claiming they are effective in multitasking. The results were surprising. The...
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