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Imagine Smith and Marx are resurrected and they return to the United States to debate the proposals for President Trump and the GOP’s tax reform. On the basis of a careful reading of the editorials on the Republican Tax Reform in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, construct the following three stage dialogue.
1. Perspective. Present Smith’s support for the tax reform and Marx’s opposition to the tax reform.
2. Critique. Present Smith’s criticism of Marx’s opposition to the tax reform and Marx’s criticism of Smith’s defense of the tax reform.
3. Rebuttal. Present Smith’s rebuttal of Marx’s critique and Marx’s rebuttal of Smith’s critique.
In your answer you should refer to the editorials, being careful to note the different taxes and how the tax reform will affect different categories of people. If you wish you can present the critique and counter-critique as a flowing debate between Marx and Smith in which each responds successively to the other.

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The GOP tax reform is a very controversial issue given that it will spark different thoughts. If Marx and Adam Smith were alive, they would be engaged in an intense debate concerning the reforms. Smith would say that the tax reforms would make people and organizations more competitive much to the benefit of the society. Marx would claim that the taxes would promote the rise of social and economic injustices. Smith would question the validity of Marx’s position arguing that it is detrimental to the economic well-being. Marx would suppose that Smith’s conception would allow for the prevalence of a more significant wealth disparity and that the wage rate would shrink dramatically....

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