How does the theory of Michel Foucault / Pieere Boudieu / Michel de Certeau different or similar? Basically they first start with Karl Marx theory which was about social class.

1. Foucaults – discourse
2. Boudieu – habitus
3. Certeau – the art of making do

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People’s understanding of the dynamics of the modern day society has much to do with the theories advanced by Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, and Michel De Certeau. Michel Foucault primarily addresses the association between knowledge and power and how this relationship apply as a social control mechanism through societal institutions. Pierre Bourdieu’s theories fundamentally address power dynamics in the society including the subtle and diverse ways through which the transfer of authority occurs and the maintenance of social order takes place within and across generations. Michel De Certeau’ theory examines how people usually individualize mass culture and in doing so, alters things to own them. This paper seeks to examine how each of these theorists relates to each other, focusing on the areas of convergence and discordance.

Similarities between the theories
One of the critical similarities between the theories is that they all start with Karl Marx’s conception of social class. According to De Certeau (2011), Michel De Certeau furnished Freud’s theory aiming to generalize a specific knowledge while guaranteeing its validity. Michel De Certeau discussed discourse...

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