For this project, the case study you will analyze will have something to do with sports. It can be about the career of a person, it can be about a particular sport (or a comparison of sports), it could be about the business of sports, it could be about a level of sports (recreational, high school, collegiate, professional), it could be about who gets to participate in sports. Basically anything sports-related that you can reasonably cover in 8-12 pages.
The paper will consist of three parts, each about roughly 1/3 of the total length of your paper:
1. The presentation of the case: In this section you will introduce your topic. You will include what it is about, who is/was involved, where it took place and when. You should also include what other people have thought/said about it. In this section, you must have at least 8 "data sources" - although a few more than that is probably preferable (but no need to go overboard). The easiest is to use Google News or some other news search engine (for example, the library website will let you search old issues of Sports Illustrated, New York Times, Miami Herald). It would be great if you used something like Web Science to find some sources in peer reviewed academic journals -- but some topics may not have anything on them written in journals, so this is not a hard and fast requirement. You are also welcome to conduct interviews, observe/take field notes to get information. Citations must be included and properly formatted in a style of your choosing. The goal of this section is to demonstrate that you have a good grasp of the nuances of the topic, and have examined multiple perspectives on it.
2. The summarization of two theorists from the course: In this section, you will introduce two theorists/writers from the course whose theory you think will be applicable to an analysis of the topic. They MUST be from this course, not other courses you have taken. You will begin by summarizing the reading from the first author, highlighting its particular topic (e.g. prisons, Lesothto) and then outlining its general point, using the author's specific terminology (but explained in your own words). For example, if you cited Butler, you would explain performativity; Foucault, panopticism and discipline; etc You would then do the same for a second author. You will then compare and contrast the two authors - how are their ideas similar? How are their ideas distinct from each other? The key thing I am looking for here is that you understand each of the theories and are able to explain them in your own words in a detailed manner.
3. Your Analysis: In this last section, you will use the two theorists you outlined to conduct an analysis of your particular case. Take the first author, and explain how their theory explains multiple aspects of your case study. Then do the same for other author. Then contrast these understandings provided by course authors to other explanations/proclaimed impacts you have found about your topic during your research. Conclude by highlighting at least three major
takeaways/main points you want your audience/reader to know about you case/remember about your analysis. In this section, be detailed in your explanations instead of brief - make the specific connections between your case and the theories clear. To use the Foucault example: yes, Foucault says we learn to discipline ourselves - but he has a lot of details of how, where and why that unfolds. Be sure to include those details.
4. Bibliography: As you can see this is pretty open ended as to the internal formatting within sections. What I hope is that you do something that seems sensibly arranged to you. Having section headings/summaries to help guide the reader along will add in this. I want this to feel well structured, but the particulars of that structure are up to you. When I am grading, I am primarily looking at how logically constructed and thoroughly detailed your report is. It needs to be well written and properly cited and all of that, but internally consistent and accurately detailed is the order of the day.

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Racism in Boxing
Boxing is a combat sport in which two contestants, wearing standard protective gloves, throw well-articulated punches to each other for a predetermined amount of time within a fighting ring. It is considered one of the dominating sports in the modern world. However, like many other sports, boxing has been experiencing some issues, which, unless effectively addressed might affect its future existence and performance. One of the dominating problems, especially in the US boxing, is racism. This report, therefore, based on a case study of Mayweather-McGregor fight, highlights the nature and extent of racial discrimination and segregation within the sport.
Presentation of the case
Racism in boxing dates back in the early development of the sport. On 4th July 1910, for instance, when a black boxer Jack Johnson defeated a white fighter, Jim Jeffries, two significant relationships within the sport were formed, which could become the basis of the modern day racism in boxing . One was between the black and white boxers and the other between the media and the black athlete. In America, Jeffries-Johnson became a prototype for racial segregation and division. The fight was widely broadcasted where Johnson was seen to humiliate and torture the white fighter. This, therefore, introduced a kind of black dominance and empowerment rendered by the physical size and power as well as the aggressiveness of the black boxers in the ring. The media also contributed to the change of perception towards the black and white fighters . In a movie, which was produced based on the fight; John was seen to prolong the agony of Jeffries thus instilling fear among the white boxers . This might be thought as the beginning of the black dominance in the sport, which is now seen as the black-only sport following the domination of the blacks for years . The case study of the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr., a black boxer and Conor McGregor is presented to evaluate racism in the modern...

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