Writing a plan like a report of Skills developing Management that covered Self-awareness, Communication Skills, and Motivation Skills.
Your written skill development plan will consist of 3 sections, one for each skill. Each section of the plan will contain 3 parts:
1. A discussion and interpretation of your assessment scores, their comparison to the norm/standard, and your strengths and weaknesses as inferred from your scores.
2. A discussion of the role play(s) – This discussion must include the following:
a. A description of your expectations/demands going into the role play
b. A description of the outcomes that you achieved in the role play
c. A discussion of why you did or did not get what you wanted
d. A discussion of the feedback that you received – about your appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and about your strengths and weaknesses
e. A discussion of what you learned from the role play about the specific skill – including what works and what does not.
3. A proposed plan of action to rectify your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

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1. Introduction
Skill development is an ongoing exercise and people of all ages tend to invest in it to enhance their skills. At any level across the organization, there are several skills which every employee should possess. This report presents an analysis of three skill sets – self-awareness skills, motivation skills and communication skills and my strategies to hone them further for optimizing my productivity.
2. Self-awareness skills
2.1. Analysis of assessment scores
In the self-awareness assessment, my total score was 45 and a comparison showed that my score was in the bottom quartile indicating lower levels of self-awareness than others. In terms of self-disclosure and openness to feedback, my score was low at 22 points while it was 23 points for awareness of values and emotional intelligence. In the emotional intelligence assessment also, my score was only 50 that implied that I was in the bottom quartile. In the tolerance of ambiguity also, my score was 42 due to which I was in the bottom quartile. The only segment in which...

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