Tucker Center Distinguished Lecture - "The Brave New World of Reform in College Athletics"

Write a critical reflection (3 pages)

Following the lecture, you are asked to write a three page paper reflecting on key points made and connections of the lecture to this course. Include at least five direct connections to course ideas and concepts. You must directly cite textbook, class lectures, or other readings to receive points for the connections. Additionally, you are asked once again to think about how you know what you know.

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Summary (key points of the event)

The Tucker Center’s 2014 Fall Distinguished Lecture: “Brave new world: The impact of “reform” on big time college athletics” was held on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus. As indicated by the word “reform” being within quotation marks, the panel of speakers and the session as a whole took an evaluative, critical stance in considering the significant changes being wrought in college athletics. A major latent and sometimes explicit theme of the lecture was the extent to which these “reforms” could or would bring about change for the better. Salient topics discussed included, arguably, the biggest sporting issues today, such as pay-for-play and conference realignment. Given the breadth and depth of these issues, and given the Tucker Center’s mandate (for Research on Girls & Women in Sport), the panelists (and audience) considered how these critical elements of the sea change in the administration of college athletics impact women’s sports and Title IX....

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