Children with disabilities have not had the same opportunities that many children take for granted. The word disability implies that these kids are unable to participate in sports or normal activities. The Courage Kenny Classic helps to show that these kids possess the ability to compete and participate in physical activities

2) Describe your thoughts and expectations before attending the event.
3) Your feelings and reactions during the experience.
5) What have you discovered about yourself that you didn’t know before?
6) What have you learned individually and as a group? Identify and briefly discuss the single most important thing you learned from the event you attended.

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2. Describe your thoughts and expectations before attending the event.

One aspect of our thoughts and expectations before attending the event was, to be honest, not knowing exactly what to expect. Interestingly, such trepidation was partly due to the deeper expectation and belief that the event was going to be fundamentally different from all the other sports events we have experienced – because, well, how could it not be different? By supposed definition, the ‘athletes’ we were about to watch weren’t athletes of the sort we were accustomed to. By supposed definition, the ‘basketball’ we were about to watch was nothing like the basketball we knew and loved. As Karen P. DePauw points out (1997), the frame of reference...

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