It's a nutrition assignment.
It needs to be about a certain item that can help a athlete with performance. You can pick the item if its easier for to find. it can be a supplement, vitamin, caffeine, etc. It has to be a certain product.

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Claimed actions on athletic performance
On the advertisement on the online store, the company claims that the supplement increases testosterone levels, accelerates muscle growth and increases strength. Interestingly, in the product description on the manufacturer’s page, the company only describes the contents of the supplement, stating that each component is an essential nutrient in the human body (which is correct) and that anecdotal reports show that athletes notice improvements in sleep and recovery.
Supporting evidence
The advertisement on the online store website relies on the study performed in 1998, by Brilla and Conte (Brilla and Conte, 2000). The study showed, in a randomized, placebo-controlled study performed on 57 athletes, of which 27 completed the study, that ZMA supplementation lead to increase in free testosterone, IGF-I, zinc and magnesium levels in the ZMA-supplemented group, in comparison with the placebo group, as well as to the increase in the parameters of muscle strength, measured by torque measurements and functional power. The study, although it is not written in the clearest language, seems to...

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