After studying the given reading, Sociology: The Social Construction of Gender, considering the concept of “gender as socially constructed,” answer the following questions and prompts.

A) How does media create meanings about gender?
B) Provide examples of how this is manifested in our everyday lives.
C) Provide a link to a commercial/ad that stereotypes gender. Even though it is natural to find humor in some of these portrayals, in what ways is this problematic.

Also, consider that sex is a system of classification based on biology and physiology, while gender reflects the cultural meaning that is ascribed to a person’s sex, thus resulting in labels of “masculinity and femininity.” Furthermore, our biology is not distinctively male or female and a significant number of people are born “intersex” with variations in chromosomes or sexual organs. Most biological researchers agree on the estimation that intersex people are about as common as encountering someone with green eyes. It is important to understand that masculinity and femininity are not oppositional, although it seems to be portrayed so in media. In Western society (such as in the U.S. and Western Europe) we typically adhere to certain ideas and values that define masculinity and femininity as we perform the roles. What if the list was different? All of us, in honesty, could reveal that we interchange among the qualities. Take a look at the list and answer the following questions:

rational thought

Provide answers to the following questions or prompts in your assignment submission.

D) How is the list being currently challenged?
E) What traits do you have that are typically considered “on the list” of the other sex?
F) What examples do you see in your daily life of people challenging the historic list?
G) What about examples in media of characters or people challenging the list?

Finally, do you agree or disagree that gender is socially constructed? Provide evidence that backs your opinion. Make in text citations where necessary, and cite any outside sources that you use.

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The Social Construction of gender is a very interesting topic as gender roles have evolved tremendously over time as tens year and counting backwards, the review and analysis of media be it social media or television, sex roles were clearly defined as it was very clear what belonged to or what was associated with boy and girl and man and women with no lack of clarity and/or uncertainty. As evidenced by the review and analysis of current media both televised and social in context, many of the presentations are unisex in nature and/or clearly neutral in terms of gender association and/or identity. The implications and underpinnings as transferred in the given content have made many of the patterns that I once overlooked clear as day. Words once associated with masculinity, such as but not limited to: strength, dominance, aggression, empowerment, active, rational thought, production, subject, outdoors and technology now transcend gender barriers and can now be either feminine or masculine in nature and/or context....

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