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Body Image in Boys and Gym Obsession: An Analysis of a Sports Management Issue

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Body Image in Boys and Gym Obsession: An Analysis of a Sports Management Issue

In this presentation, the issue of body image and gym obsession in boys will be analyzed as a particularly “hot topic” in sports management today. The purpose of this presentation is to outline some of the issues that boys’ perception of their bodies and the obsession with gym culture can cause. The central concern is problems for men and steroid use, excessive bodybuilding, and the use of supplements to obtain an ideal that may not be possible.
According to a series of studies, it is not just girls who are increasingly concerned about their body image. Studies show that boys are showing interests in beefing up their bodies more so than they did a generation ago. According to Dr. Alexander Pope, a researcher at Harvard who specializes in bodybuilding culture: “There has been a striking change in attitudes toward male body image in the last 30 years.” The portrayal of men in advertisements is increasingly more physically muscled than they were a generation ago....

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