1. Choose your sports organization
- Identify the 5 key elements of your organization
- Build your organization

2. The next assignment will be:
- Develop a flow chart for your sports organization (type and print out) with boxes and titles

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Soccer Club

“A sport organization is a social entity involved in the sport industry, it is goal directed with a consciously structured activity system and a relatively identifiable boundary” (Slack, 1997, p.5)

5 elements:
1. Soccer organization, organization which
2. Organizes and delivers sports programs, that are either competitive or recreational at a certain level (ex. Local or community),
3. Soccer organization has a goal of utilizing the professional skills of its actors
4. In order to socialize through sports and
5. Provide satisfaction to the motivation of the community.

Mission: “Our mission is to create an fast learning and highly skilled environment where players, coaches and other participants are motivated to push to their maximum in achieving remarkable results”...

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