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Is Creon a tragic figure? Do you feel sympathy for him at the end as someone who initially tried to do good yet was overwhelmed by circumstance, or do you believe that he is a bullying, misogynistic control-freak who gets what he deserves? Try to come up with arguments for both sides. Could the play have been called "Creon" instead?


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When reading Antigone, I feel sorry for Creon and believe him to be a victim of tragedy rather than conspiring for the tragedy of others. He tries to live by his the values he holds dear rather than submit to the will of the gods like Antigone does. He spends time lecturing to his son Haemon about the value of family, and while his own family, including his own son turns against him, Creon appears to stick to his own family values whether right or wrong, they are his morals alone that he values above all else, even more than the good of his own people....

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