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Choose a location where the light changes throughout the course of the day and write a paper about it (2 pages, double spaced). Observe the lighting closely at a specific time: look at the color, texture, Where the light is coming from, intensity, etc. How does the light affect the objects and the people around you? Think about how it affects mood, shape, and visibility. Return to the same location at least 5 hours later and look at how the lighting has changed over the course of time. Describe the changes using the same criteria as you did earlier in the day – be specific in your descriptions! Also need 2 photos of your location.

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The light shining through what I like to call my fairytale windows is soft. It’s strong outside, hardly a shadow exists in the street. People have to walk around with sunshades on, the light reflecting in their eyes, bouncing off the white sidewalks. Bright white light means heat, people sweating while walking around, wondering how this could be winter when it feels worse than summer. People try to avoid the sun’s intensity at this time, but it’s hard to without shade to hide in....

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