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PART ONE: TEXT-ACT-DESIGN Please answer the following questions:
1. Acting: Using Big Mama from Tennessee Williams’ Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, discuss the way in which an actor using mimetic technique (technical acting) would build her character and how that differs from the way in which an actor using presentational technique (method acting) would present her character.
2. Text: Using Shakespeare’s Macbeth identify one “problem” for a modern audience and discuss how you would address that problem in an adaptation. If you feel it will help, you can “rewrite” a scene, or you can simply describe the problem (using quotes from the text) and explain how you would address it.
3. Design: Using Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, discuss how you would incorporate the cherry orchard into a design, focusing on the thematic and/or psychological significance of the cherry orchard to the play. How would your design communicate that importance to an audience? Please explain in detail.

PART TWO: THE READINGS Please answer the following question about the assigned supplemental readings and/or lectures. I expect that your answer will be one fully supported paragraph long. Be very detailed and support with quotes from the texts and/or your notes:
Brockett describes the relationship between Hardy and Valleran LeComte. What is the most interesting/important point he makes and how does it to relate to my discussion of LeComte’s influence in my lecture?

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Text-Act-Design: An Analysis

Tennessee Williams’ classic American drama Cat On A Hot Tin Roof features, as many of his plays do, characters who project one version of themselves on the surface, but underneath this facade they are brewing with secrets, resentments and anguish. These complex characters influence how actors approach their portrayal. In the case of Big Mama, for example, an actor could take either the mimetic approach, or could instead opt for more presentational or method acting techniques to develop Mama’s persona.
Williams’ dialogue is as intricate as his stage directions: his character’s words reveal a great deal about their motivations and about the story as it slowly unfolds. An actor using the mimetic (technical acting) technique of character development has a great deal of opportunity to use the text of the play to design how we (the audience) see Big Mama. For example, when Big Mama remarks: “We never were...

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