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One and half page (single-spaced).
Topic: Give essay an interesting title. For this prompt, please choose ONE from among the following three artists: the playwright, the director, and the actor. Discuss the role of this individual in the process of artistic creation of theatre. Describe the most important elements of their work. Are they the most important participant in the process? Be specific and defend your position.

General Instructions:
The essay should be presenting an analytical argument supported by specific examples that are completely explained. The best papers have about two to three very well-explained specific examples. Use a clear organizational structure to convey your point.

General Writing Guidelines
-If you are writing an argumentative essay, develop a clear thesis statement (main point) and make sure that each body paragraph supports that main point.
-Write an introductory paragraph to establish your topic and pique your reader’s interest.
-Unite each body paragraph with a claim that supports your thesis, providing a topic sentence that clearly directs the reader.
-Provide detailed examples in the form of a quotations or summaries from appropriate performances or texts as evidence to support your claims. Specific examples are more effective than general examples.
-Organize paragraphs logically, typically from weakest support to strongest.
-Utilize transitions between paragraphs to lend coherence to your argument.
-Develop a concluding paragraph that clearly indicates the end of the essay, clarifying what the reader should have learned by reading this paper.
-Provide detailed examples in the form of a quote or summary from appropriate performances or texts as evidence to support your claims. Specific examples are always more effective than general examples.

-To convey your meaning effectively and to keep the reader awake and interested, choose and organize your words carefully.
-Use action verbs (avoid is, was, were, am) and specific nouns (avoid this, it, that, them).
-Avoid using contractions. They make you sound like a high school student who does not realize they were ever accepted into college.
-Vary sentence structure and length.B
-Be as concise as possible, avoiding first person as much as possible.
-Proofread to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Do not trust the spell check or grammar programs to catch everything.

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When thinking of “theater” in terms of its definition, it is difficult not to think about it in terms of requisite components. We go to see a play in a theater. We are the audience, we go to a building (the theater), we watch performers on a stage, we may or may not be conscious of the fact that someone composed the words spoken on that stage, or that someone directed those actors’ movements, and so on. However, it’s fairly clear that “theater” cannot exist in a vacuum. Three of the main constituents involved in the creation of theater include the playwright, the director, and the actor....

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