How would you, as a director, do a modern "take" on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?
Describe your concept, justify your choices, and discuss the production in terms of different elements such as lighting, costumes, etc.

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Many critics and scholars may agree that Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s best known (and perhaps best beloved) play. This could be attributed to the universal themes of young romantic love, feuding between families, and the sometimes harsh consequences that result from bad decisions. Furthermore, Shakespeare’s characters are both broad and appealing: the charming Mercutio, the paternal Friar Laurence, the bawdy but affectionate Nurse, and of course, the main characters themselves, the “star-cross’d” lovers of the title. Add in several fight scenes and some timelessly eloquent dialogue, and we have and Elizabethan-era play that still maintains some relevance and entertainment value....

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