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Write an essay that responds to the issue of the social purpose of theater.
What do you think it is?
Do you think theater will remain a part of your life after you leave this class?
What do you hope to get from theater in the future?
What do you think theater owes to the community that supports it, if anything?

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Theater's Purpose: Bringing People Together

After looking at many different approaches to theater this semester, from writing scripts to directing scenes to acting, I think that the most important social purpose of theater is to bring people together. Bringing people together in all these different roles unites everyone in one creative effort, and it is fascinating to see what a team can come up with together, with so many different points of view. It really emphasizes the importance of teamwork and compromise, which are very important social issues. When participating in the creative process together, we can see that theater is truly a collaborative art....

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