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Create an example of an annotated bibliography with double line spacing.
Wiseman, A., & Odell, A. (2014, March 31). Should non-English-speaking countries teach in English?
Mitchell, C. (2015, November 10). ELL Programs Often Focus on Basic Skills, Not Higher-Order Thinking, Study Finds.
Myers, D., & Citizen Patriot, J. (2008, October 19). Learning second language beneficial.
Caplan, B. (2012, August 10). The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty.

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As English language is becoming more present at Universities in the non-English speaking countries, teachers and students attitudes and expectations related to English thought courses tend to differ. The growth of English as a medium of instruction (EMI) is due to several reasons such as attracting students from various backgrounds of making their students more competitive in market. The competence level of the English speaking lecturers is also being question as it is difficult to determine their exact role....

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