Project proposal (Main reference).
- Reference to paper written by peter Bednar and Vasto. This should refere the paper they wrote. Please write about the proposal good description of project proposal then reference on peter Bednar and vasto paper. Like a typical introduction of a dissertation analyse the problems and solution too
Research required for chapter 2 and
Chapter 2 "Literature Review"
a) research about how to do a good literature review and how to apply critical thinking in research.
b) research into what other research has been done similar to your project already (journal and conference papers).
Chapter 3 "Analysis and Research"
a) research into relevant SSD technology products: product descriptions and whitepapers about relevant memory types and chip technology (hardware); memory controllers (hardware); control software and bios (software); built in encryption (software and hardware); interface and standards (software and hardware).
b) research into relevant SSD technology reviews, evaluations and tests: products tests, laboratory tests, consumer tests - from laboratories, magazines, journals, technology websites, consumer websites, governmental websites and so on.
c) research into relevant forensic methods and standards: Forensic practitioners and investigators best practices; Technology supporting investigations (hardware and software) - product descriptions and evaluations such as user tests and so on. Police and Criminal investigatory practices and recommendations (both UK and some international examples of methods, models, standards, recommendations etc.).
All articles and journals needed have been attached. Please follow the requirements carefully and i trust you do a good job. If in doubt please ask.

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1.0 Introduction:
SSD technologies evolved as alternative technologies to Hard disk. The chief advantages of SSD include better performance and no noise operation. Even though the technology is superior to hard drive technologies of data storage, the technology still posing a number of challenges to the Forensic investigators. The key challenges of SSD include obstructing data purging when wanted to delete and unintentional auto deletion of the data from the memory locations. Keeping in view of the critical requirement of data integrity keep-up, the challenge of SSD is to be resolved. The present dissertation aims to look into these challenges and provide solutions for it through investigation. The Chapter 1 of this dissertation works to provide glimpse of introduction to SSD technologies, Discusses the difference of SSD from conventional hard disk technologies as well as the recent trends in SSD.
1.1 Digital forensics concerns for SSD
The reaps of technology advancement has felt by IT user community in number of ways. SSD or shortly called as Solid state Disk is one such alternative to the conventional hard disk. Not only working as an alternative to the Hard disk it also has features of quick service as well as the low power consumption. There are serious technical differences between the hard disk and the SSD which call for concerns regarding the security and for digital forensics. The major concern from SSD to the Digital forensics is the data purge that do happen with the SSD. In normal circumstances when the data on the SSD is destroyed it is much likely that the data cannot be restored back this is due to the reason that the purging is unavoidable. Other feature that is associated with SSD is that sometimes even if the SSD is on the SSD by itself will...

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