Conduct a thorough literature review on using online search activity for your chosen medical awareness campaign (in at least 2000 words).

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With growing concern about the levels and risks of exposure to medical radiation, such as from CT scans and radiography (Brink and Amis, 2010), effective information dissemination and campaigns to raise awareness are vital. The model for these efforts is to be found, ideally, in cancer-awareness campaigns, such as the unmistakable, pink-themed, and highly commercialized work on breast cancer outreach. The model for the study of the efficacy of such campaigns is also to be found in the work done to raise awareness of various forms of cancer (Dehkordy et al, 2014; Glynn et al., 2011; Nuti et al., 2014); the method of interest here is the use of online search activity as an index of the success of awareness campaigns and as a predictor of offline, health-seeking actions. The aim of the present literature review is to provide justification for the need for research on the role played by online search activity in the efficacy of campaigns to raise awareness of the risks of medical radiation. As will be seen, the argument proceeds by way of detailed critique of the use of online search activity as index and predictor of the success of cancer-awareness campaigns.
1.1 Awareness campaigns for breast, lung, and prostate cancers
In the study most pertinent to this paper, Glynn et al. (2011) examine the impact of health awareness campaigns on internet search frequencies, in particular...

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