1. Describe in detail below (narrative form)how your nominee meets the criteria of the category you have selected. You want to write so that others – a patient, family member, someone from the general public, a physician, and even another nurse – can grasp the nature of your candidate’s work and its value to patients, other nurses and society. Include details so that the reader can visualize the situation and become engrossed in the story.
2. Why have you nominated your candidate for this category?
3. What was it that made you want to nominate this nurse?
4. What is their story?
5. How does your candidate contribute to the profession of nursing at RUMC or in the community?
6. Are there any other comments/situations that you would like to share about your candidate?

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I respectfully nominate Jonathan Diaz, RN, in the category of Excellence in Nursing/Patient Experience. I first met Mr. Diaz at Richmond University Medical Center where he was working in the Emergency Department. He had transported a patient to the telemetry unit and would not leave the patient’s side until he was sure the patient was both comfortable and safe. I observed his demeanor with the patient as well as his interaction with both the patient and the patient’s family. I was struck by the way he turned their fears into hope, and I watched as their expressions turned from worry to ones of gratitude and respect. Once...

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