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Write a paper in which you examine the central character from either “Cathedral” or “A&P.” This is not a comparison paper, so choose just ONE character from ONE of the stories for your analysis. You might consider the character’s point of view, strengths, weaknesses and values. In developing your thesis, you might ask yourself: what conflicts does the character face? How does he evolve to overcome his conflict? Does the author use any symbols or imagery that enhances our understanding of the character? What events motivate the character to change? What does the character come to understand? How do you know? Your paper should provide a clear, refined thesis that frames your discussion on character.

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Cathedral is a heartfelt story. It recounts what an unnamed narrator experiences through the eyes of a blind man. The narrator assumes that a blind man cannot find much enjoyment in life because he is unable to see the things life has to offer. I argue in the essay that the narrator’s encounter with the blind man teaches him how to really look at reality. In seeing the world through a blind man’s eyes, the narrator undergoes a transformation; he sees beyond what is visible and changes his view on the meaning of life.
The unnamed narrator is “bothered” by a visit from his wife’s blind friend stating at the beginning that “a blind man in my house is not something I looked forward to.” The narrator tells us about the wife’s blind former boss, Robert. The wife has not worked for Robert in over ten years, but has nonetheless kept in touch with him by sending...
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