Exercise 1

Read Josh Mitchell’s article, “Trying to Shed Student Debt,” which appeared in the 3 May edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Mitchell explains that while students continue to amass burdensome amounts of tuition debt, most
of it funded by the federal government, allowing them to discharge that debt through bankruptcy would result in taxpayers picking up the tab. In a written response of 200 - 250 words, answer the following question: should students with federal student loans be allowed to declare bankruptcy in order to discharge that debt? Explain your answer. Use evidence from Mitchell’s article to support your position.

Try your best to comply with the rules of Standard American Written English (SAWE) and edit
and proofread your writing before submitting it.

Exercise 2

In approximately 300 words, respond to the following prompt:
Describe three of the rules Ms. Mentor recommends in "Don't Email Me This Way" for writing appropriate email in an academic setting. Next, describe the two rules for writing effective email that Dave Barry identifies in "You've Got Trouble," his review of the book, Send. Briefly analyze how Ms. Mentor and Dave Barry use tone and personal voice to critique poor email habits. If you don't know what "analyze," "tone," and "personal voice" mean, look up those terms in the dictionary.

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It is important to note that the issue under consideration is whether or not federal student loans should be dischargeable under bankruptcy. The Durbin bill which lies at the center of the article by Josh Mitchell is, rather, concerned with the discharge of private loans via bankruptcy – which is arguably a much less thorny issue than the federal version. And I would respond in the affirmative, that, yes, people with federal student loans should be able to discharge their debt through bankruptcy. Part of my reasoning in support of this position is taken directly from the reasoning in support of Durbin’s effort. One prime reason is that, just...
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