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After reading two of the articles Global Perspective and Links in the Chain of Doing, you have free reign to discuss anything you found particularly interesting, ironic, maddening, puzzling, or inspiring as you watched the video or as you read. I have a few guiding questions below, but I'd love to hear where your thoughts lead you without my interventions this time.

Guiding questions (you DO NOT have to answer these. They are here just to give you some direction)

What is meant by the "digital divide" or digital equity?
What relevance does technology integration hold in developing countries?
Can technology be used to support economic/social development?
How can it be used to support educational reform?

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The complexity of the issues involved is staggering. When I looked at the Millennium Promise video and the Kozma and Burniske papers, I started to see the issue as existing at three levels of abstraction (even though I see how there are likely many more levels, depending on...

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