You can find numerous articles on the web comparing Linux and Windows. Often the debate focuses on which operating system provides the best device support. What would be some reasonable criteria for assessing OS device support? Using those criteria, which OS do you believe provides the best support? Write a short paper answering these questions.

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Better OS Driver Support – the difficulties in developing criteria

The first issue of enumerating “reasonable” criteria for assessing OS device support is not as straightforward as it may seem – consider, for example, how complexity burgeons the instant one asks the following questions: For whom are these criteria applicable – which users, what expertise-level of users, and are we talking about groups for whom a device is pertinent or we referring to individuals? And, perhaps even more critically, what are the devices and for what uses are these operating systems—Windows and Linux—supposed to be providing support? Notice, thus, how the determination of “reasonableness” is inextricably complicated even at this base level of the issue. Further complicating matters is the relevant issue of what we mean by, for example, “Linux” in this context? Are we talking about the Linux distributions even casual Linux users are...

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